Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Me?

I used to wonder Why Me...

I used to wonder why me
Until the Lord gave me eyes that I may see
I used to ponder why me
Until the Lord gave me peace within my dreams
I used to wonder why me
Until the Lord said, Daughter, why not you
I used to cry and kick and scream
Until the Lord said, Yea, "Me Too"
I know exactly how you feel
I Remember the cup before it was filled
Before I took the drink you see
In anguish I cried, "Let it pass from Me!"
But the Father poured out His love in that cup
And said, My Son You must drink up
Its neither an option nor a choice
Therefore I answered with only passion in My voice
Not My will, but Father Thine be done

Now Daughter, it's not "why me"
But Yes, I'm the one...

Now, this cup, my child will not pass from you
Just as I did, there's something left for you to do
Greater things than I
Greater things than He
Walk in My anointing
Signs and wonders follow thee
Lay hands on the sick
Speak life to the dying
In My Name you shall use the power I left behind

Represent me well in all that you do
Why Me, you say? Because I chose you!


  1. Great warmth, love, and compassion beams through in your writing, in such a remarkable way. I am looking forward to more of your Spiritual expressions of GOD'S LOVE. BE BLESSED!

  2. Thanks so much Annie! You're such an encouragement to me...Please keep me in your prayers. God bless you!