Sunday, August 22, 2010


Is the fire real?
Does it burn?
Sometimes I watch as others squirm
Yet all I feel is slightly warm
I've never really felt the burn
So I tell the Lord, it's for You that I yearn

I want to be purged
but only by You
I do not care what the fire makes me do
But let it be real and not for show
If I drop and roll at least I will know
That the Spirit of the Lord doth slay me
And something deep within is being purged from me

I invite You Lord into my fire
It's in my heart where there's a burning desire
To quiet the voices that say to me
Man made this up
They fake the frenzy

I want to know if the fire is real
Will it burn me like a lit match to my heel?
Why am I different?
What am I missing?
In my mind it blisters
In my thoughts it's sizzling

Then there is a burning
But as I open my eyes it's just my heart yearning

And the enemy wins another round
While I watch the others roll on the ground
Shaking, panting, coughing and such
I wonder now if it's simply a rush...

Is the fire real Lord?
Does it burn?

If not, then I need to know
Are the others simply putting on a show?

It makes it hard for the rest of us
To be a witness and attest to this

So I ask you now Lord, slay me
Send your fire lest my heart betray me
But if Holy Fire does not Burn
Renew our hearts while there's time to turn

So that others are not led astray
But redirected to You as we repent and pray
Father, make us accountable for what we display

To all the babes in the midst of the choir
As we shout and dance and proclaim we have fire!

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